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society of chirpods and podiatrists

Are you looking for a Multidisciplinary Team Approach to your care and treatment?

At Complete Foot Care: The Balcombe Foot and Ankle Clinic we work together as a team locally referring patients require skills offered by other clinicians including:

Podiatrists / Chiropodists
Podiatric Surgeon
Consultant Sports physicians
Orthopaedic Consultants
Massage therapists


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Should I see a Podiatrist (Chiropodist)?

Yes, if you have any queries about your feet / ankles or you have pain or discomfort in your feet or legs; seek a professional expert opinion or treatment at Complete Foot Care: The Balcombe Foot and Ankle Clinic. We will be able to help.

Pain in your feet can be easily and efficiently treated leaving you pain free, mobile and happy.

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

Sat - Sun: By Special Appointment

National Walking Month

The nation has gone nuts about walking. Walking for fitness, walking for weight control, walking for mental health, walking to reduce emissions; on and on the list goes. Whichever way you look at this though, it’s great news for the nation and podiatrists.

May 2016 is National Walking Month and includes Walk to School Week (16-20 May 2016)

National Walking Month we are asking patients to pledge to undertake some sort of walking activity during the month of May.

Walking is something a large proportion of the population does as part of their activities of daily living, and an increase in these activities is a great way for patients to understand the importance of their feet and podiatrists to care for them.

We specilaise in Sports Injuries

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Forefoot pain, Pain while running?

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