Anna Balcombe: Sports Podiatrist & Podiatric Surgeon
BSc (Hons) MRSsCPod, MRCPod, FRCPodS

Medical Secretary: 07775 99 55 77
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Anna Balcombe BSc (Hons) MRCPod MFPM RCPS is a Surgical Fellow of the Royal College of Podiatry.

Following her qualification in 1992 at the University of Westminster, Anna specialised in various podiatric fields that gives her a broad scope of practice that includes treatment of sports injuries, diabetes, paediatrics the ability to advise and treat surgically if necessary.

In 2008 Anna was invited to become an Honorary Consultant for St Lukes Hospital for the Clergy. Anna as a Podiatric Consultant continues to practice alongside consultant feannallows and colleagues in many medical fields and medical professionals allied to medicine.

Anna has held various specialists positions in the NHS including Senior Diabetic Podiatrist at the Central Middlesex hospital, Specialist in Biomechanics and Paediatrics and Specialist in Podiatric Foot Surgery in Newham General.

Anna now chooses to spend her time in private practice drawing upon her experience in the past twenty years and continues to develop her knowledge , giving talks and seminar to local GPs receiving a variety of sports medicine and surgical referrals from various GP `s , orthopaedic and sports physician consultants.

Anna, mother of three , enjoys the combination of an active home life and the commitment as a working professional at various practice bases and private hospital facilities . To book an appointment or discuss treatment please call / text her medical secretary Debbie 07775 99 55 77.

The care she offers to all patients is complete , specific and tailored to individual needs. She is able to provide definitive diagnoses and works alongside a variety of other health professions whom may contribute to a multifaceted approach for a return to pain free, healthy living for her patients.

 What is the difference between Podiatry and Chiropody?

Our profession has moved forward under the umbrella term of “Podiatry” in more recent years rather than “chiropody”. The practice of podiatry is based on comprehensive understanding of medicine, surgery and biomechanics as applied to the foot, ankle and lower limb and the ability to treat the foot and its related problems. Podiatrist is the internationally recognized name for foot specialists.

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