Fee Structure / Health Insurance

Fee Structure

Initial Assessment / Treatment £50-60
Surgical Consultation £60-80
Follow Up (routine) treatment £48.00
Verrucae treatment (caustic) £45.00
Verrucae cattery /surgery from £180.00
Nail surgery (including dressing & follow up appointment) £260
Ultrasound and Physical therapy £28
Orthotics (bespoke) and gait analysis from £180
3D foot scan £60
Biomechanical review appointment £35


Do you have Private Medical Insurance?

We welcome patients with health insurance at The Balcombe Foot and Ankle Clinic.
Anna Balcombe is registered as a Podiatric Surgeon with the health insurance companies. Please call Ms Debby Murray (medical secretary) on 0208 959 1908 for advice on payment through your health insurance policy prior to or when booking an appointment.

Health Insurances companies that recommend and refer patients to Anna Balcombe include:


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