Anna Balcombe: Sports Podiatrist & Podiatric Surgeon
BSc (Hons) MRSsCPod, MRCPod, FRCPodS

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Foot Facts & Tips

Did you know?


25% of bones in the human body are located in the feet, which are made up from 52 bones


Feet change in shape and size during our lifetimes. It is not unusual for a person to have to buy a bigger size as they age as the structures within the foot relax and spread.


Although feet are not often seen as the most attractive part of our anatomy, they are incredibly important for movement and balance and should be given some degree of respect due to the amount of pressure and work they are subjected to in our lifetime


Our feet are susceptible to damage from their immediate environment as well as developing problems of their own and suffering the symptoms of complaints from elsewhere in the body, such as back problems or metabolic disorders such as gout.


Difference between Podiatry and Chiropody?

Our profession has moved forward under the umbrella term of “Podiatry” in more recent years rather than “chiropody”. The practice of podiatry is based on comprehensive understanding of medicine, surgery and biomechanics as applied to the foot, ankle and lower limb and the ability to treat the foot and its related problems. Podiatrist is the internationally recognized name for foot specialists.