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Ankle Injury

There are a variety of conditions that affect the ankle and cause patients ankle pain.

What are these and how can The Balcombe Foot and Ankle Clinic help?

Ankle sprains arise from poor foot mechanics, running/ walking on uneven surfaces, previous ankle injury and poor rehabilitation plus inadequate footwear. Repetitive stress and a build up of scar tissue can cause ankle pain. Treatment will include addressing all the factors above.

Posterior tibial tendonitis gives a pain with weight bearing that can extend from the mid calf, behind the inside of the ankle joint and into the arch of the foot. The posterior tibial tendon becomes swollen and painful especially on tip toe. Physical therapies, massage, orthotics and Podiatric advice can treat this successfully.

Ankle Capsule Impingement is where the joint capsule of the ankle is pinched at the front of the ankle causing ankle pain with exercise.

Peroneal Tendonitis occurs with overuse of the tendon running across the top and outside of the foot and ankle. It is painful with exercise, walking and when patients are on tip toe or walking up stairs.

Retro calcaneal bursitis is a swelling of the fluid filled sac that sits at the back of the heel bone, deep to the Achilles. The Achilles tendon itself isn’t painful but the deeper structures are tender to touch.


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