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Ingrowing Toenails

What is an Ingrowing toenail?

The nail becomes Ingrowing when the side of the nail cuts into the skin next to the nail. This can become painful. The skin next to the nail may also become infected or inflamed. Any toe can be affected, but it is usually the big toe. It is a common problem, especially in teenagers and young adults.

Ingrowing toenails are treated regularly at The Balcombe Foot and Ankle Clinic both conservatively and in some cases surgery is helpful. Anna Balcombe specializes in foot surgery and has great experience in nail surgery and treatment plus prevention of Ingrowing toenails.

What If the nail fold becomes infected?

Symptoms of infection are: increasing pain, swelling and redness near the Ingrowing nail, and pus (yellow or green fluid) near the nail or under the nearby skin. If the infection is getting worse, you may have a throbbing (pulsating) pain, redness spreading over the toe. You are advised to immerse you toe in warm salt water and seek immediate attention at The Balcombe Foot and Ankle Clinic

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