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What is a bursitis?

A bursa is a small fluid filled sac that forms in areas of extra rubbing and friction. When this bursa or sac like structure becomes swollen and inflamed due to abnormally high pressure through the tissue, it is called bursitis.

Symptoms of bursitis usually occur after rest and relaxation. With activity the pain increases in the area of the bursa. Common areas to have a bursitis in the foot are in the bottom of the heel, behind the heel near the attachment of the Achilles tendon as well as along the side of a bunion.

A bursa may also form in multiple areas especially along the metatarsal heads, or "ball" of your foot. It may actually feel the sac like fluid when rubbing the area of pain.

How do I Treat Bursitis?

With good Podiatric Care at The Balcombe Foot and Ankle Clinic.
Treatment may include using anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the swelling in the bursa, advice on different footwear, prescribe a custom made orthotic to try and control the excess pressures through the foot. Ultrasound will help relieve the pain and strapping or padding can reduce the high pressure over a bursitis. Our patients respond to these conservative measures once the area of irritation is removed.

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