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Rheumatoid arthritis

What Rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory joint destructive disease that cause
Pain and swelling in and around joints commonly effecting women between the ages of 40-60.

Often it involves the toe joints in the forefoot and / or the ankle.

The joints can be very stiff in the morning and usually improve as the day continues. Patients may develop rheumatoid nodules over bony points and symptoms can include as fever, and tiredness.

What Podiatric Care is needed?

Complete Footcare at The Balcombe Foot and Ankle Clinic will aim to increase joint flexibility and muscle strength, and preserve the strength of ligaments and tendons.

Orthotics, custom moulded shoes, or modifications of existing shoes can be used to accommodate foot deformities or rheumatoid nodules and provide relief.

Surgery for patients with rheumatoid arthritis can be helpful to improve the daily living and relief of pressure, Anna Balcombe will happily discuss all foot related treatment options with you.


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